April Moran, LPC – Clinical Director

EMDR therapy was not mentioned during my time in graduate school, which was 20 years ago. Despite my desire to learn, I believed I could not afford to get trained in EMDR. I have always had a strong sense that many of my clients have trauma that is the root of their addiction. However, despite being aware of how trauma affects addiction and recovery, I felt powerless to help them. Recently, a therapist I supervise mentioned that she was signed up for EMDR training. I found out that there was a trainer offering it at a more reasonable cost, so I signed up for the training. In preparation, I attended other trainings and read books on EMDR. The more I learned, the more I believed I was on the right path. During the first two days of training, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and the brain science behind it. However, during my practicum experience on the third day, I had the opportunity to reprocess a recent memory that had been plaguing me for weeks. What happened during my reprocessing experience was indescribable. I felt less distressed, lighter, and happier. I realized that EMDR therapy showed me who I really am, and I wanted more. After taking a day off to rest, I began doing EMDR therapy with my clients and saw it working. Some people experienced immediate changes, while others took longer. I threw away the books on the other kinds of therapy I had been doing for over 20 years, as EMDR therapy had changed my perspective entirely. I feel empowered and hopeful, not only for myself but for all the people we can help. It is a miracle to work as a therapist during these exciting times. When Francine Shapiro founded EMDR therapy, it was seen as “woo woo” by her colleagues in the field. While we may not know exactly how it works, we know that it works. I trust this model and know that, as long as I provide my clients with a safe space and follow the model as outlined, they have an excellent chance of healing from their trauma. We are excited to offer EMDR therapy at our facility and to explore this whole new world. As my fellow EMDR therapists would say, “go with that”. Thank you for reading my story. April Moran, LPC Clinical Director